Can you name Amazon in your personal injury claim?

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There are an endless number of websites from which to order consumer goods, but one stands out from the rest — Amazon. This is likely due to the platform’s wide variety of products and free shipping. Even so, there are instances when a good deal leads to a defective product which injures an unsuspecting person, and it may be time to consider a personal injury lawsuit.

Securing compensation for this type of injury is a priority for many victims. Unfortunately, it used to be quite difficult to hold Amazon responsible for defective products. For years the commerce site argued that it was not responsible for these products because it was not actually selling them, just facilitating between sellers and buyers. Although judges once agreed with this stance, courts are increasingly holding Amazon liable for defective products, even if they were sold by third parties.

Marketplace sellers can usually be held responsible for selling defective and dangerous products. Some marketplace sellers even have product liability insurance coverage. In general, the insurance companies pay out for successful injury claims.

Victims can also seek compensation from the actual manufacturer. Companies are responsible for designing and producing products that are safe for consumers. When they ignore this responsibility and create dangerous products, they are usually responsible for any resulting injuries.

Recovering from an unexpected injury often takes time and plenty of financial resources. Securing access to those financial resources might mean filing a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible for producing and selling a defective product. Determining who is liable for a victim’s injuries may not be straightforward, so one may find it helpful to speak with an experienced attorney.


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