Criminal law — police arrest 3 in shoplifting incident

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Police recently arrested three men suspected of shoplifting from a large retail store in Alabama. All three are charged with attempting to elude along with violating a State of Emergency Order. One individual is facing an additional theft charge for violating Alabama criminal law.

On April 3, 2020, the three men allegedly shoplifted from a Walmart location. Police say the men fled the area together in the same vehicle. When police located the vehicle, they attempted to initiate a traffic stop but claim the driver refused to pull over. The officers continued following the car until the driver crashed.

Police officers arrested two of the men at the scene of the wreck while one fled on foot. He was apprehended and arrested shortly after. After being taken into police custody, a judge set each man’s bond at $1,500.

A criminal conviction can have a long-lasting, negative impact on a person’s life. He or she might not qualify for certain educational opportunities, like scholarships, or could be disqualified from certain work positions. These repercussions are in addition to criminal law consequences like jail time and fines. Achieving the best possible outcome often means taking an approach to minimize potential consequences, which may be different for each defendant. For one, it might involve negotiating a plea deal for lesser charges while, for another, it could mean fighting the charges to the fullest extent.


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