An open fracture puts victims at risk for serious infection

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Regardless of the type of accident an Alabama resident ends up in, the injuries he or she suffers can be debilitating and life-threatening. For instance, an open fracture comes with its own set of risks, and one of the most crucial is the risk of infection. If the wound is not treated properly or in a timely manner, someone suffering from this type of injury could end up with a serious infection that could even spread into the bone.

As the name indicates, an open fracture is one in which the broken bone penetrates through the skin. With the bone and other soft tissues exposed to the elements, the probability of infection rises significantly.

For this reason, the first part of treatment for this injury is surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon will clean debris from the wound and irrigate it. Only after these procedures are finished will he or she turn to stabilizing the bone.

Someone with this injury will need close monitoring in the days following the accident in order to watch for infection. Once an Alabama resident with an open fracture is out of danger of contracting a life-threatening infection, the focus can turn to healing the bone. At this point, doctors will then begin focusing more on rehabilitation and getting the victim on track for as complete a recovery as possible.

Not surprisingly, the recovery time for an open fracture is longer than for a “normal” broken bone. More time off work, higher medical expenses and other damages associated with the accident can create a great deal of stress.


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