Focus on the positives in a child custody hearing

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When a marital relationship breaks down, it usually is not because a couple gets along well. Whatever troubles led to the divorce most likely caused ill feelings between the parties can be a challenge to put aside for the sake of the children. However, when facing a child custody hearing, parents may want to find a way to focus more on the positive aspects of the future co-parenting relationship rather than the negative.

For instance, like courts across the country, Alabama judges want to know that the parents will work together to continue raising their children even after the divorce. The parent who shows he or she is willing to do so will most likely make the better impression. Courts do not like it when parents speak ill of each other since that sentiment most often carries over into how they interact with the other parent outside the courtroom.

The courts like to see a parent who spends as much time with his or her children as possible, but not just doing the “fun” things since that is not what the reality of everyday life normally entails. Help them with homework, read bedtimes stories and make them do chores. Moreover, being on time for custody exchanges and avoiding rescheduling visits go a long way toward showing that a parent wants to be with his or her children.

There is often a lot of turmoil, upheaval and uncertainty during a divorce, and Alabama parents need to work toward finding a “new normal” for their children going forward. During a child custody hearing, the court will want to know that both parents are striving to make that happen and will keep the best interests of their children at the forefront now and in the future. Making sure the court knows that a parent is willing to do that could help achieve the desired outcome.


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