Can you find common ground in parenting styles?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Family Law |

Alabama parents negotiating their child custody agreements often attempt to include certain “rules to live by” when it comes to the children. The rules may include a routine, matters requiring discipline and more. These aspects may not be as challenging as determining how to execute the rules with the children, especially if the parties have different parenting styles.

While no reasonable parenting style is considered wrong, using substantially different styles could cause confusion for the children. It may also create unnecessary disputes and contention between the parents that will affect the children as well. Figuring out how to rectify this problem may take some time, cooperation and compromise.

On the one hand, as long as the children are not at risk, it may be best to simply accept the other parent’s viewpoint. That being said, successful co-parenting means working together. In order to do so, both parties need to be willing to find common ground when it comes to parenting. Before finalizing any parenting plan and child custody agreement, it may be worthwhile to sit down and try to find the middle ground. Doing so could make the upcoming transitions and future smoother and more enjoyable.

If parents are unable to find some common ground regarding parenting styles, then it may be best to include some rules regarding not interfering with each other’s manner of parenting. As mentioned above, as long as it does not put the children in danger or compromise their safety, it probably is not worth arguing about.


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