Pretrial diversion and the best outcome for your case

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A criminal charge can impact an Alabama college student in multiple ways. Even allegations of a criminal offense can result in the loss of your personal reputation and educational opportunities. A conviction will not only leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, but it could impact your future job opportunities, housing applications and more. It’s critical to fight for your future when facing any type of charge.

If you are a college student seeking a beneficial way to deal with the criminal charges against you, it may be appropriate to consider a pretrial diversion program. This may be a way for you to avoid the most detrimental of possible consequences, such as jail time. Your entire future is on the line, and it’s in your best interests to explore all of the defense options available to you.

What is it?

Not every criminal case will be eligible for pretrial diversion. Depending on the nature of your alleged crime, the District Attorney may agree to this program in lieu of a trial or pursuit of certain consequences. The agreement with the DA will outline the terms of your diversion program, including what you will have to do to meet the terms. Some of the possible requirements may include:

  • Make reparations to the victim
  • Get additional education
  • Refrain continued drug or alcohol use
  • Avoid going to certain places
  • Pay all costs, fees and fines
  • Avoid contact with specific people
  • Serve home confinement
  • Avoid all travel from the county, state or country
  • Complete community service
  • Complete a mental health evaluation

These are only a few examples of the possible requirements that could be handed to you as a result of a pretrial diversion program. Failure to meet the terms could result in incarceration and other consequences. While these may seem strict, it is likely they are more beneficial options than going to trial, a conviction or serving time behind bars.

Discover your options

If you want to learn about your defense options, you may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney first. A legal ally can advise you on possible strategies that will benefit you, such as seeking a pretrial diversion. As a college student, you truly cannot afford to face your criminal charges alone. With the right help and the most appropriate defense plan, you can shield your long-term interests.


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