Motorcycle accidents can leave victims with serious injuries

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An Alabama motorcyclist is particularly vulnerable to injuries in the event of an accident with a larger, heavier vehicle. Even with a helmet and other types of protective gear, a crash can result in physical trauma that may lead to death or permanent disability. Drivers have the responsibility to safely share the road with bikers, avoiding aggressive driving and other behaviors that could make an accident more likely.

Even seemingly minor injuries can have a major impact over time. An injured biker would be wise to take his or her potential injuries seriously by seeking medical help as soon as possible after a crash. If you are a victim, it is also prudent to explore the possibility of legal action if you believe the accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another motorist.

Common injuries

Some motorcycle accidents result in painful and possibly debilitating injuries that can require both medical care and a lengthy recovery. You may find that your motorcycle accident leaves you unable to work and live a normal life. The most common injuries suffered by bikers in motor vehicle collisions include:

  • Road rash, which is a type of deep, painful skin abrasion caused by pavement
  • Muscle damage, which can happen in any part of the body during an impact or fall from the motorcycle
  • Arm and leg injuries, which frequently happen in a collision if the biker is trapped between vehicles, falls or is thrown from the bike

One of the most common, and often most serious, types of motorcycle accident injuries is a head or neck injury. These types of injuries can lead to brain damage, paralysis or even death. The extent of the damage caused in a motorcycle accident depends on the speed the vehicles were traveling at impact, the location of the impact and other factors.

What is your next step?

The first step one should take after a motorcycle accident is to seek medical attention. This will provide the documentation necessary to validate a civil claim in which you seek compensation for your financial losses, as well as your pain and suffering. Quick action after an accident is important. You may find it beneficial to seek an understanding of the potential legal options available to you after such an incident.


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