How could a criminal charge affect your college career?

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Criminal allegations of any kind could have a negative effect on multiple areas of your life. Even the suspicion of a crime can affect your reputation and future opportunities, something that could be especially complicated for a college student. If you are a student at Auburn University and are under investigation or charged with a crime, it is in your interests to know how to protect yourself and minimize the impact this could have on your future.

College students facing criminal charges could face a range of consequences that may affect everything from status as a student to personal freedom. It is beneficial to take your situation seriously, regardless of what you are facing. Seeking the best possible outcome when facing a criminal charge starts with developing the most effective defense strategy for your individual situation.

Auburn University and crime statistics

According to recent crime statistics, there were fewer crimes committed on Auburn University’s campus in 2020. This includes all types of criminal activity that take place directly on campus or in locations owned and operated by the university, including fraternity and sorority houses, public streets adjacent to campus and other buildings. The Clery Act is a federal act passed in 1992 that requires higher education institutions to release annual reports regarding crime and emergency situations that have occurred on campus.

In 2020, Auburn University had no reported incidents related to murder, dating violence, manslaughter, incest or statutory rape. However, there were reports of rape, aggravated assaults, fondling and stalking. A growing area of crime on many college campuses is hate crime, and there were two of these incidents reported at Auburn in 2020. Burglaries and theft crimes were also lower, likely because there were fewer students living on campus that year.

Your future and your freedom

A criminal allegation can affect your career as a college student at Auburn University. Depending on the nature of your specific case, you could face expulsion or suspension from school, and you may face removal from different groups, including Greek organizations, student government groups, sports teams and more. A mark on your criminal record is also likely to affect your future opportunities related to employment and housing.

As soon as you learn of an investigation into your activities or an allegation made against you, it is in your interests to learn about the defense options available to you. As you fight the charges you are facing, you are also defending your rights, personal freedom and long-term well-being.


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