Understanding new Alabama laws that could impact you

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It is important for every citizen to understand the laws that may affect his or her life. Within the last year, the state of Alabama has passed new laws that are important for individuals facing allegations of criminal activities. By having an understanding of these new laws, you will be able to understand if you have experienced a violation of your rights or what legal options you have available to you in a specific situation. 

Those suspected of a crime have rights, regardless of the accusations against them. It is important for each person under investigation or charged with a crime to work diligently to defend themselves against any formal charges brought by the prosecution. Even if you are not involved in a criminal case, it is beneficial to understand recent legal changes that may affect your life in different ways in the future. 

The impact of new legislation 

In July of 2022, the state legislature passed three new laws, among others, that may have a direct impact on the way the court investigates and prosecutes criminal cases. It may be helpful for you to understand the potential impact of the following laws: 

  • SB56 — This law limits the warrantless use of facial recognition in criminal cases. By limiting how law enforcement can use this technology to identify suspects, it protects the privacy and rights of both the defendant and others. State lawmakers passed this law unanimously. 
  • HB68 — With the passage of this new law, certain individuals — including witnesses or victims of the crime — will be provided additional protection during criminal prosecutions. This could shield these individuals from undue mental and emotional duress. 
  • HB143 — Known as The Sergeant Nick Risner Act, this law will prevent individuals who have already been convicted of using a weapon to commit murder from qualifying for early release under Alabama’s “Good Time” law. 
  • SB90 — New law SB90 changes assault law to make assault against certain types of employees a second-degree offense. This includes peace officers, utility workers and other types of state employees. 

If you have questions about these laws or other legislative decisions that could impact your life, it may be beneficial to discuss your options with an experienced legal professional. An explanation of these new laws may provide you with insight regarding how they could apply to a current situation in your own life or in the life of your loved one. 


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