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Criminal law: Alabama man, woman facing charges for murder

When individuals have serious criminal charges brought against them, finding the best way to handle those allegations can differ from person to person. Criminal law proceedings can hinge on the specific details of a situation and personal preferences of those accused. Parties who have been charged in the same alleged crime may find themselves taking different avenues when addressing their cases.

One man and one woman in Alabama undoubtedly hope to find the best methods for approaching their cases after recently being indicted. Reports stated that the two individuals were charged in relation to the deaths of five individuals. Purportedly, the man and woman either stabbed or shot a woman who was 9 months pregnant, an 8-year-old boy, the woman's mother and a 1-year-old boy.

Personal injury law: Motorcycle crash proves fatal in Alabama

Addressing the aftermath of a fatal accident can take a considerable toll on surviving family. In addition to working through their grief and handling funeral arrangements, they may also have numerous questions regarding the accident itself and hope to reach some sort of closure. For some, taking legal action relating to personal injury law against the driver considered at fault could help with such an endeavor.

The family of one Alabama man may be considering their options after a recent crash. Details on the accident were few, but it was reported that the man was operating a motorcycle when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. The incident occurred just before 9 p.m., and it is unclear what may have caused the collision. It was noted that alcohol was not suspected.

Alabama woman facing criminal charges after alleged shooting

As the majority of people know, serious allegations can come with severe consequences if convictions take place. Of course, individuals have the ability and right to defend against any criminal charges brought against them. The manner in which they may choose to approach their defenses will likely depend on the circumstances of their individual cases.

One woman in Alabama is certainly hoping to deal with her case in a meaningful way after charges were recently brought against her. Reports stated that the woman stands accused of first degree murder after allegedly shooting another woman. The two were reportedly traveling in a vehicle together when they stopped at a gas station. There were apparently no signs of a verbal or physical fight between the two women before the purported shooting.

Family law: Rushing divorce proceedings may prove detrimental

Many Alabama residents think that if they can just make it through a difficult situation then they will come out better on the other side. While this sentiment often proves true, it is important to remember that rushing through a hardship is not necessarily the best way to get to the desired outcome. For instance, when dealing with divorce and family law issues, moving too quickly could prove detrimental.

One major issue parties could face when just wanting to get divorce over with is negative impacts to their finances. When it comes time to make decisions regarding settlement terms, some people may think that if they just give the other party what they want, the situation will end more quickly. While that may be true, taking that route could result in a person not fully thinking through the decisions to which he or she is agreeing.

Family law: High-asset divorce may cause tension

Even after decades of marriage, some Alabama residents may find themselves no longer believing that the relationship will work. Because divorce can occur at any age, older individuals can just as easily have to work through family law issues. When a considerable amount of wealth is also involved in a case, the situation may be a recipe for tension.

Individuals may be interested in a current high-profile divorce taking place in another state. The case involves Lucille, aka Lovey, and Burt Handelsman, two real estate tycoons who have been married for 67 years. Lovey is reported as being 89 years old, and Burt is 88. Lovey was the individual who chose to file for divorce, and she claims that Burt's infidelity was the reason behind the decision.

Serious crash may lead to wrongful death claim in Alabama

Every car accident is different. As a result, it is important that individuals responding to a serious crash pay attention to the conditions of the incident. Certain factors could contribute to making the situation more dangerous, and emergency crews may have to take extra measures to ensure the safety of the accident victims and themselves.

Such precautions were necessary in a recent Alabama car accident. Reports stated that the incident involved only one vehicle with two occupants. Details on how or why the crash took place were not given in the report, but it was noted that the vehicle collided with a power pole. The incident resulted in power lines being knocked down, and emergency responders had to have the power to the lines cut off before they could attend to the individuals in the car.

Accused Alabama man likely focused on criminal law options

When authorities suspect an individual to have been involved in criminal activity, the accused person could easily feel overwhelmed by the sudden actions that take place. Charges, arrest, booking and court information could all unexpectedly fall into an individual's lap, and as a result, he or she may feel uncertain when it comes to handling the situation effectively. Those facing these intimidating circumstances usually turn to a criminal law attorney for help. 

One man in Alabama is probably assessing his options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was allegedly involved in a shooting in which a gun was fired at two homes, which resulted in windows being shattered and a window air conditioning unit being damaged. Additionally, the man has also been accused of shooting and killing a cat during the alleged incident.

Do bed sharing and family law issues have connection in Alabama?

When couples are married, many individuals may think that sleeping arrangements mean that the pair share a bed. However, this may not always be the case. For some individuals a marriage bed holds no particular significance, and some Alabama residents may simply prefer to sleep in separate beds. However, if underlying issues are resulting in a lack of bed sharing, individuals may find themselves facing family law issues.

While it is perfectly valid for couples to sleep in different beds or entirely different rooms due to snoring or other uncomfortable habits, it is also not uncommon for couples to no longer want to share a bed because they are not seeing eye to eye. Most everyone has heard of one spouse having to sleep on the couch for one reason or another. If this type of situation is a common occurrence, it may point to a greater issue.

Fatal Alabama crash may lead to wrongful death claim

A fatal car accident can happen before anyone realizes what is going on. Unfortunately, this type of incident often occurs when a driver fails to take the necessary steps to adhere to traffic directions or fails to remain aware of his or her surroundings. When a serious car crash takes place and results in a death, the family of the victim may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim. 

One family in Alabama may be considering their legal options after a recent incident. Reports stated that a crash took place between a car and a pickup truck at an intersection. The driver of the car was reported as being a 27-year-old man, and he did not stop at a posted stop sign. As a result, a southbound pickup truck crashed into the passenger side of the car. 

Don't let DUI ruin summer in Alabama

If you're a college student home on break, you're likely one of many who looked forward to kicking back and stepping away from the books all year. Alabama summers overflow with opportunities for having good times with friends and family. From sporting events and festivals to water recreation and more, there's plenty to do and much to see, especially for those who love the outdoors. It's not uncommon for summer picnics, parties and other special events to include alcoholic beverages.

Those of legal drinking age are free to imbibe, provided their location at the time does not prohibit it. As always, every person drinking alcohol is obligated to make responsible choices (especially where driving is concerned) to keep themselves and others with whom they come in contact, safe. Getting pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol is one quick means for bringing summer fun to an abrupt halt.

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