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Family law options for the home during a divorce

Alabama couples who have decided to divorce may find themselves overwhelmed with more decisions. While it may be easy to decide who gets the furniture and how to separate book collections, some assets are more difficult to divide. One of the biggest questions may be what to do with the house. Dividing incomes and assets may make keeping the house difficult without some careful negotiating with the help of a family law attorney.

If one spouse is not emotionally ready to sell the house, it may be possible to delay its sale. This may be especially important if there are concerns about the stability of the children. However, if the mortgage remains in both spouses' names, this may mean one spouse takes a risk that the other will not contribute fairly to its payments and upkeep. Being stuck with a house and inadequate means to maintain it can lead to serious financial struggles.

Alabama man may explore his criminal defense options after arrest

When going through criminal court proceedings, every detail in a person's case could play a pivotal role. Because of this, it is important that individuals understand what led to the charges leveled against them, what those charges mean and how they could potentially address them. This type of information could help concerned parties determine their best options for creating a criminal defense.

One man in Alabama may be hoping to become more knowledgeable for his own benefit after recently being arrested. Reports did not provide details on what caused the man to come under suspicion for drug activity by police. Nonetheless, authorities apparently conducted a search of the man's home as part of their criminal investigation.

Silent treatment could put relationships on road to divorce

Most Alabama residents know that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every relationship faces its challenges, and the manner in which each person chooses to address those issues could considerably impact the growth of the marriage. Some actions may prove particularly harmful, and couples could find themselves facing divorce as a result.

One recent report indicated that giving a spouse the cold shoulder or silent treatment after an argument could be a serious sign that the relationship is heading for trouble. Because communication plays an important role in every marriage, this complete block of communication could have damaging impacts. Though it may happen occasionally in most relationships, if it happens regularly, a marriage may not be able to overcome it.

Dangerous flood-damaged cars flood Alabama roadways

While the recent hurricanes and storms brought devastation to surrounding states, Alabama breathed a sigh of relief to have been spared. However, this is not always the case, and you have likely seen your share of heavy rains and rising waters. It is only a matter of time before Alabama faces its own crisis.

The scenes on TV and social media made it difficult to turn away, and you may have watched the 24-hour coverage as the storms pummeled the coast. Then, in its wake, homes and cars drifted, submerged in the floods, and people stood around in a daze. Many will return and rebuild their homes. But what will happen to those cars?

Fatal Alabama car crash may leave family considering legal action

Car accidents that result in fatalities are events that take place all too often. Having a loved one taken so suddenly can come as a substantial shock to anyone, and when the death occurred as a result of someone else's negligence, the situation can seem even more traumatic. As a result, when a car crash claims the life of a family member, surviving loved ones may consider seeking compensation.

It was recently reported that an accident in Alabama claimed the life of one person. The incident apparently took place at an intersection and involved two vehicles. A 31-year-old woman was driving a vehicle and entered the intersection when her car was hit by another vehicle. It was unclear which driver had the right of way. Emergency services were alerted to the crash, and personnel arrived on the scene at approximately 5:30 p.m.

When pedestrianism goes from a healthy choice to a hazardous one

Car accidents occur every day, each of which has the potential to end in catastrophe, perhaps especially those involving pedestrians. Without the protective barriers that a vehicle may provide, pedestrians are often at higher risk of suffering serious injuries in collisions.

Perhaps you prefer to travel on foot, but also place a great deal of importance on your safety. If so, you may wonder what you can do to reduce the risk of a pedestrian-vehicle accident.

3 Alabama men facing criminal charges in alleged murder

Serious crimes take place every day. While most individuals go through their daily lives without encountering such an incident, some parties end up facing serious allegations after being suspected of involvement in alleged criminal activity. Criminal charges can have substantial effects on a person's life, and because most individuals do not have intricate knowledge of criminal legal proceedings, the idea of handling these allegations can seem daunting.

Three individuals in Alabama are currently facing charges after recently being taken into custody in connection with the death of a 35-year-old man. Reports stated that the man was sitting in his car with a friend when a group of men came up to the vehicle. The men allegedly robbed the man and his friend before shooting the man. 

Unappreciated gestures could send marriage to divorce in Alabama

It is not unusual for many individuals to get used to certain actions and routines and consider them commonplace. As a result, they may begin to be taken for granted, and in some cases, this issue could cause people to feel unappreciated. When this type of situation occurs during a marriage, it could turn into a problem that leads to divorce.

Alabama residents may be interested in one man's account of how this type of issue resulted in the end of his relationship. The man stated that his wife no longer appreciated the actions that he carried out for her. In the beginning of the marriage, he stated the she used to act appreciative of his gestures, but after a while, she apparently simply got used to those actions and took them -- and her husband -- for granted.

IRA division may be dreaded aspect of family law proceedings

It is not unusual for many Alabama residents to worry about how their assets will be divided during divorce. This area of family law can often have more complexities than simply giving certain property to one party or the other. When it comes to retirement accounts especially, individuals could face serious tax implications and other issues if the accounts are not divided correctly.

With an IRA, taxes on a transfer could be applied if individuals do not obtain the proper divorce decree. This decree must coincide with state law when it comes to marital property and will likely need to come from the court presiding over the case. If individuals simply make a property division agreement and split the assets without following the proper legal channels, they could face serious financial repercussions.

Accused of drunk driving? Focusing on your defense could be key

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can have a substantial impact on your life, even if only temporarily. If you are facing DUI charges, chances are, you might wish to avoid any potentially devastating consequences, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed.

Allegations of such an offense can be challenging enough on their own, and the process of challenging charges can seem somewhat intimidating. However, if you choose to prepare for the road ahead by focusing on your options for DUI defense, you might be more prepared to pursue a favorable outcome during court proceedings.

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