Should I settle my personal injury claim?

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An injury due to someone else’s negligence can come with many financial and personal repercussions. Alabama victims who have received injuries in car crashes or other events may require time away from work, which can reduce or eliminate their income during recovery. Some victims may suffer lifelong disabilities and face hefty medical bills after treatment. Financial compensation from a successful lawsuit against the individual at fault can help cover these expenses.

Suing for personal injury

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to take civil action against that person in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence means that someone acted in a way where they failed to exercise reasonable care. As the injured party, you will be the plaintiff, and the person who injured you will be the defendant. Once you have an attorney, they will begin gathering evidence for your case.

The process of gathering facts about the case is what the court calls discovery. Once both parties’ attorneys have the facts in front of them, the defendant may offer a settlement or may wish to continue to court so that a ruling can be issued. Funds gained through a personal injury case can cover medical bills, lost wages and future lost wages. Compensation for pain, suffering, disfigurement and disability may also be part of the offer.

Should you settle?

When suing someone, a settlement may be an option, so it’s important to understand the implications of taking the settlement rather than facing the individual in court. Under the advice of their attorney, the person who caused your injuries may offer you a sum of money to get you to drop your action against them. It’s important to carefully consider the details of your case and consult with your attorney when deciding what to do. Once you agree to settle, you can’t take further action against the party who caused your injuries.

Settle or go to court

Consider the extent of your injuries and how those injuries will impact the rest of your life when deciding if you should settle your case. Does the sum offered cover your current expenses as well as expenses you may incur in the future for additional treatments or medical care? Settling a case can be less stressful than fighting it out in court, but you must weigh the benefits of taking a settlement that could be significantly less than what a judge or jury might award you. Personal injury cases are complicated, so it’s important to have a professional on your side to provide guidance based on Alabama’s personal injury laws.


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