Child support orders are important part of Alabama family law

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No matter their discipline styles or parenting philosophies, most parents in Alabama would probably agree on one thing — raising children is expensive. Child support is an essential aspect of family law, which ensures that your kids still receive adequate financial support from both of their parents regardless of your marital status. If you are the primary custodian, support payments also help alleviate some of the financial burden you have taken on. 

Alabama has a system that can be used to calculate child support fairly accurately. However, since no two families are alike, each case will need to be examined for unique factors or circumstances that might influence the support order. Working with an expert can help you better understand the factors that go into these calculations and also make sure that you do not leave out any important information. 

If you already have a support order , you can petition the court for either a modification or an enforcement. A modification means changing the support order to accurately reflect your ex’s ability to pay, and is usually done after significant life changes, such as a significant change in income or new job. Enforcing an order leaves your support agreement as is but puts court pressure on the parent who is not paying as per its terms. 

Child support is often unfairly painted as a burden for the parent who must pay. In reality, it is simply a family law tool to protect the continued financial well-being of Alabama children whose parents are no longer together. If you have concerns about obtaining child support, modifying a current order or petitioning for an enforcement, be sure to check out our website for more information. 


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