Calculating Fair Child Support

Matters involving child support tend to be relatively straightforward. There are clear guidelines in place that outline how support payments are to be calculated, with the income of both parents being the primary consideration. However, every case is unique with its own set of factors that must be addressed. Our Alabama child support lawyers can help guide you through this process and will explore all of your options.

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Child Support Modifications And Enforcement Attorneys

If your ex-spouse or parent of your child is not making required support payments, our Auburn family law attorneys can help you bring an enforcement action. We can also help if you have been accused of not making your required payments. In your case, as in every case, our goal is keep things moving forward so that your child receives the financial support that he or she needs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek a modification to support arrangements. These are typically granted when there has been a substantial change in circumstances such as when one parent loses a job or is promoted with a significant change in income. Whether you are seeking a modification or your ex is seeking a modification that you feel is unfair, the lawyers at our Auburn-Opelika law firm are ready to help you explore your options.

Free Consultation About Child Support Payments

For more information about support modifications and support in general, speak with us. Contact our Auburn child support attorneys online or call us at 334-749-2222 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.