Wrongful death: father, son killed in head-on wreck

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A police chase in Baldwin County, Alabama may have led to a deadly, head-on accident that left five people dead. Of those who passed away, three were in the vehicle fleeing Alabama authorities, and two were in the SUV struck by the fleeing vehicle. For the surviving family members of those two vitcims, pursuing compensation through a wrongful death claim might be helpful for addressing emotional and financial damages.

Police say they attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the eastbound side of I-10. Instead of stopping, the driver of the car fled. Officers pursued the vehicle and reported that the driver exited the interstate, pulled a U-turn and then began driving toward oncoming traffic in the westbound lanes. It then struck an SUV head-on.

It is not clear why the driver chose to flee rather than stopping, but everyone inside that vehicle — the driver and two passengers — died in the accident. The 81-year-old driver of the SUV was seriously injured and airlifted to a hospital for treatment, where he ultimately passed away. His passenger — his 54-year-old son — died at the scene of the accident.

Losing family members through a devastating accident can be traumatic, both emotionally and financially. Most families are not equipped to take on the unexpected burden of bills from attempts at life-saving medical care and funeral costs. Successfully pursued wrongful death claims can help these families recover necessary compensation on behalf of their loved ones’ estates, which can address these types of costs.


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