Standing Up For Families Of Wrongful Death Victims

When people unexpectedly pass away in accidents, family members are often left with an overwhelming sense of loss. In addition to the grief and emotional hurt, many families find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

At Dean & Barrett, we can’t bring your loved one back, but we can help reduce the financial pressure you may be feeling after their death.

Our attorneys have been serving individuals and families throughout the Auburn-Opelika area for more than 40 years. Together we will get you the compensation you need to meet the daily costs of living and continue supporting your family.

In addition to the emotional pain and grief associated with the unexpected death of a loved one, many families find it hard to keep up with the daily costs of living. Grieving family members may be left with large medical bills, reduced overall family income and loss of benefits. If the deceased was the family’s primary breadwinner, the resulting financial strain may be even greater.

If you lost a loved one in an accident, there is help. In Alabama, spouses and dependent children can bring wrongful death claims to recover compensation for the financial injuries caused by the death of their loved ones.

We understand that no amount of money will make up for the loss of your loved one. However, compensation can help alleviate the financial strain caused by the death of a family member.

At Dean & Barrett, our personal injury lawyers help family members recover compensation through wrongful death actions. Together, we will get you the financial support you need to make pay for medical bills, keep up with the daily costs of living and support your family.

Helping Families After The Wrongful Death Of Their Loved Ones

When individuals are fatally injured in accidents, many experience tremendous amounts of pain and suffering before their passing. If your loved one was conscious before his or her death, you may be able to recover compensation for any pain and suffering they experienced before their death.

At Dean & Barrett, we help clients hold wrongdoers responsible for the fatal accidents they caused and recover compensation for pain and suffering inflicted on their family members before their death.

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