Criminal charge filed for alleged air conditioner theft

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Alabama authorities recently arrested a man for allegedly stealing air conditioning units from a preschool. He is facing a first-degree criminal charge for theft of property and was still in police custody at last report. The defendant’s wife was arrested a short while later because of an outstanding warrant, but police did not indicate whether she may have been involved in the air conditioning incident.

Police believe that the robbery took place on Aug. 21, 2019 at approximately 3 a.m. The 39-year-old defendant reportedly took several air conditioning units from the preschool facility. The units were then broken down into various parts and taken to scrapyards, where they were sold.

Multiple witnesses told police that they had seen someone fitting the defendant’s description at the preschool at the same time that the robbery apparently took place. The witnesses also identified the defendant’s vehicle as being in the lot at the time, too. Authorities issued an arrest warrant after a scrapyard notified them that the defendant had tried to sell a large number of air conditioner parts in a short period of time.

Being arrested on a criminal charge is a serious matter that needs careful attention. Since this is usually a confusing period of time for a defendant, he or she may find it helpful to begin devising a criminal defense plan as early on in the process as possible. Taking early initiative with the right kind of guidance can help a defendant obtain the best possible outcome for his or her unique situation.


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