Defense Against Charges Of Burglary And Theft

If you have been accused of theft or burglary, you are facing serious, possibly felony-level, criminal charges. A guilty verdict will not only bring steep fines and jail time; it will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record.

For more than 40 years, our attorneys have been providing strong, effective legal defense to individuals throughout the Auburn-Opelika area. We also provide criminal defense services to Auburn University students.

Defense Against All Theft Charges

In Alabama, theft charges range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the value of the property stolen. Certain types of stolen property — such as firearms or credit cards — will also escalate theft charges to felony-level offenses.

Depending on the severity of the offense, a guilty verdict will lead to anywhere from months to 20 years in prison and fines in the thousands of dollars. If a firearm was used during the theft, fines and mandatory jail sentences will increase dramatically.

If you have been accused of theft or burglary, you need a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers to protect your rights. At Dean & Barrett, our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience defending clients against theft and burglary charges. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to ensure your constitutional rights were not violated. Our attorneys also investigate the scene of the alleged theft or burglary to build solid, effective legal defenses that get our clients the best possible outcome for their circumstances.

A felony conviction will have a serious and lasting impact on your life. Not only are you facing a possible lifetime in prison and heavy fines, the social implications of being a convicted felon will greatly limit your life’s opportunities. After serving a prison sentence, it is often difficult to find employment and housing. A felony conviction will also strip you of your right to vote.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

In Alabama, burglary is a felony offense and may be charged when a theft involves breaking and entering another’s premises. If anyone is injured or killed during the alleged burglary, or if a firearm is used, you may be charged with a class A felony — the most serious felony charge in Alabama. Felony convictions carry steep penalties, including anywhere from one to 99 years in prison.

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