Addressing homework in parenting plans

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In Alabama and across the country, kids are going to be resuming their academics, either from home or in school. One of the primary issues many families have is getting their children to do their homework.

When parents go through a divorce and the children spend time in two different households, handling this issue can be even more of a challenge. Perhaps it would be beneficial to put some ground rules about homework into the parenting plans.

Even though both parents are free to run their homes as they see fit as long as it does not endanger the children, consistency on certain issues could go a long way toward keeping the children on track with school. Setting up a schedule is a good place to start. If the children know that they will be expected to do their homework at the same time no matter which parent they are with, it can more easily become a routine.

Parents could include the children in the scheduling. They may be more willing to adhere to the schedule if they are allowed to help choose the time and place in each home. No matter what decisions the family makes, everyone needs to stick to the plan to make it work.

Parents can include these types of issues in their parenting plans, especially if it will show the children their parents are working together for their best interests. Other issues, such as a bedtime routine, could also be included in these agreements. The trick is to find a balance between maintaining consistency for the children while allowing the children and the parent they are with the freedom to spend their time together as they choose. 


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