How much child support will I receive?

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Raising and caring for kids is expensive, and it is difficult for Alabama parents to do this on one income. For many custodial parents, a divorce can raise serious concerns regarding how they will care for their kids. The intent of child support is for one parent, the non-custodial parent, to make payments to the other for the care and provision of all minor children. Child support can be one of the most important issues in a divorce involving kids.

If you are the parent with whom the children will live primarily, you probably want to know how much child support you can expect each month. This is important as it will affect what you can do with and for your children. It is beneficial to know how much to expect, whether you can fight for more and what factors could affect the amount given to you by the court.

The calculation of payments

Every situation is different, and what one parent could expect in terms of child support payments depends on the details of the specific case. Some of the factors that play a role in the determination of child support include the following:

  • The specific financial needs of the child, including those related to childcare, health care, insurance, medical needs and more;
  • The needs of the parent who has primary custody, including his or her income;
  • The financial capabilities of the parent who will be making support payments; and
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the child before the divorce.

When calculating payments, the court will look at various factors that may affect a parent’s financial capabilities. The court will also account for other financial obligations, including the care of other children. If a supporting parent experiences a change in his or her income, there are steps he or she can take that will allow for a modification of an existing order.

What if there are problems?

Child support can be a tricky issue, and the other parent may not be cooperative. If you have concerns about the amount you are receiving or the other parent’s failure to make payments, there are options available to you.

It may be possible for you to pursue the financial support you need for your kids, including involvement of the court to compel payment. It may be helpful for you to learn about your rights and how you may even be able to reach a child support agreement out of court.


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