High-asset divorce may cause tension

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Even after decades of marriage, some Alabama residents may find themselves no longer believing that the relationship will work. Because divorce can occur at any age, older individuals can just as easily have to work through family law issues. When a considerable amount of wealth is also involved in a case, the situation may be a recipe for tension.

Individuals may be interested in a current high-profile divorce taking place in another state. The case involves Lucille, aka Lovey, and Burt Handelsman, two real estate tycoons who have been married for 67 years. Lovey is reported as being 89 years old, and Burt is 88. Lovey was the individual who chose to file for divorce, and she claims that Burt’s infidelity was the reason behind the decision.

In addition to his affair, Lovey also stated that Burt had become verbally abusive. Their divorce may have many conflicts due to these already stressful factors, but the couple also have a fortune estimated at $750 million. As a result, they may face certain difficulties when attending to their assets during division proceedings. It was also noted that Burt was already in conflict with his children over certain financial matters.

Assets typically bring out contention, and when there is a substantial amount of wealth to address, Alabama residents may find themselves feeling conflicted on how to handle certain family law issues. There are a variety of legal strategies that could help individuals find the approach that best suits their needs and circumstances. Exploring these options with their legal counsel could help parties facing such situations determine their most viable courses of action.

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