Pedestrian killed in Alabama incident

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Pedestrian accidents are often harrowing events. Because individuals on foot have little protection against vehicles, the outcomes typically result in severe or fatal injuries. When a death does occur, the victim’s surviving family may find themselves looking for answers, and they may want to consider speaking with a personal injury law attorney or otherwise explore their legal options.

One family may be looking into such options after a recent incident in Alabama. Reports stated that a woman was struck by a vehicle on the roadway in front of a grocery store. It was unclear whether the woman was in a crosswalk, attempting to cross the street or simply near the roadway at the time of the incident. It was noted that the driver of the car was suspected of being under the influence.

The incident caused the woman to suffer fatal injuries. She was reported as being 67 years old and from out of state. It was not mentioned whether the driver of the vehicle suffered any injuries. It was noted that the investigation was continuing at the time of the report and updates would be made available later.

The family of the woman killed in this Alabama accident are undoubtedly heartbroken by the sudden turn of events. In addition to dealing with their grief, they will likely also need to make funeral arrangements and attend to other necessary affairs that could cause further financial and emotional hardships. If they would like to seek compensation for these hardships and other damages stemming from the event, they may wish to find out more information on their personal injury law options.

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