Silent treatment could put relationships on road to divorce

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Most Alabama residents know that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every relationship faces its challenges, and the manner in which each person chooses to address those issues could considerably impact the growth of the marriage. Some actions may prove particularly harmful, and couples could find themselves facing divorce as a result.

One recent report indicated that giving a spouse the cold shoulder or silent treatment after an argument could be a serious sign that the relationship is heading for trouble. Because communication plays an important role in every marriage, this complete block of communication could have damaging impacts. Though it may happen occasionally in most relationships, if it happens regularly, a marriage may not be able to overcome it.

Stonewalling along with contempt, criticism and defensiveness are reportedly key factors that prove especially harmful to marital relationships. Because these actions can result in emotional withdrawal from a spouse, the marriage may suffer due to a lack of resolution when it comes to problems. Though individuals could take steps to actively stop such negative responses, some parties may choose not to change their behavior, and as a result, the marriage may come to an end.

Communication issues can plague many Alabama marriages. If individuals feel that their relationships are no longer working due to an unwillingness to address problems, many parties may find themselves considering divorce. Because each situation is different, each person may find different information relating to this legal process useful. To gain specific insight, interested individuals may wish to obtain assistance from knowledgeable attorneys.

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