Personal injury: Inexperience cause many road accidents

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For motorists to navigate the Alabama roads safely at this time of the year requires experience. Unfortunately, experience is something Opelika teenage drivers do not have, making them exceptionally vulnerable. Many personal injury lawsuits follow auto accidents that were caused by errors made by inexperienced teenage drivers. The best way for young drivers to gain experience is to have a parent or guardian to ride with them and monitor their progress.

Some parents seem to think that their teenage children are responsible and intelligent, but although those attributes are beneficial, nothing can replace experience. Experienced drivers can help their children by being with them in as many different scenarios as possible. Driving in poorly lit areas at night, in rainstorms or other adverse weather, in heavy traffic and other situations can teach teens how to adjust their driving to the circumstances.

Furthermore, only experience can determine how teen drivers will react in emergencies. Road safety authorities say a significant number of crashes involving inexperienced drivers involve speed — not only exceeding the speed limit but also knowing to drive below the speed limit when conditions require that. Other frequent errors that cause crashes include the failure of young drivers to scan the roadway at all times, as well as distractions by things outside and inside the vehicle.

Parents in Opelika can also teach their children that any damage or harm they cause to others in car accidents that result from their negligence could lead to personal injury lawsuits. Victims of such accidents can secure the services of an experienced Alabama personal injury attorney to seek recovery of their financial losses and emotional damages. Not only will the driver be held liable, but also his or her parents or any other owner of the vehicle.


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