2 common behaviors that contribute to car accidents

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When a driver is unfairly injured in a wreck that was not his or her fault, getting help for those injuries is often the top priority. One way that those facing these circumstances can get that help is by securing compensation through personal injury claims made against the drivers who caused the car accidents. However, a victim has to document how the other driver was at fault, and it is not enough to simply say he or she caused the collision.

Negligence is one of the biggest causes of car accidents. Since Alabama drivers are required to always use reasonable care no matter what circumstances they are driving in, a negligent driver is a person who did not exercise that care. Examples of negligent driving include not using a blinker when turning, speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and more.

Although some people use negligent and reckless interchangeably, they are different terms. The difference is that a reckless driver operates his or her vehicle in a way that clearly disregards the possibility of causing a car accident. This usually means driving aggressively, so a reckless driver might not only be speeding, but also changes lanes improperly and/or weaves in and out of traffic. Reckless drivers might also pass other drivers illegally using medians, emergency lanes and shoulders.

Negligent and reckless drivers frequently cause car accidents that seriously harm other drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. That harm is more than just physical, too. Victims often experience emotional distress and financial losses related to recovery. This is a very difficult situation for anyone to be in, but it is not hopeless. In Alabama, when a negligent or reckless driver injures another person, the victim has the option to pursue financial relief for his or her injuries, which is generally accomplished through a successfully navigated personal injury claim.


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