Truck drivers are often responsible for tractor-trailer accidents

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It is pretty unsettling to drive by a tractor-trailer, especially on Alabama highways and interstates where speed limits are usually pretty high. But that pit you feel in your stomach is justified. Tractor-trailer accidents are serious, usually causing severe and traumatic injuries to passengers in smaller passenger vehicles.

More often than not, such accidents can be traced back to truck drivers violating both state and federal regulations for the trucking industry.

These regulations address a number of things, including how long a driver can be on the road, but there are few measures available to stop a truck driver from exceeding his or her regulated driving hours or to enforce that they get enough sleep. It takes careful focus to operate such large, heavy vehicles, and tired truck drivers are a danger to everyone on or near the road.

A trucking company and its insurance company might attempt to impel you into taking the blame or accepting unreasonably low compensation. However, our knowledgeable attorneys have guided many people through this exact situation, and you can learn more about this on our website. There you will also find information about finding the right help, securing compensation, and other topics related to tractor-trailer accidents.


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