Personal injury: Stay away from drivers with these bad habits

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All road users are at risk, regardless of how safely they drive. The number of personal injury claims filed nationwide, including Alabama, shows that bad driving habits are the negligence on which many lawsuits are based. For that reason, keeping a lookout for signs of bad driving habits and avoiding those drivers might be the best line of protection.

Telltale signs of distraction include drivers who are busy with their cell phones, which, reportedly, makes up a significant percentage of serious car accidents. This type of negligence is exacerbated when motorists drive with headphones on, preventing them from hearing emergency sirens, car horns or other warning signs of danger. Drivers who fail to wear their seatbelts show their disregard for safe driving, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says as many as 27 million Americans continue to ignore seatbelt laws.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says speeding causes a significant percentage of fatal car accidents because it takes longer to come to a halt. Making unexpected lane changes and tailgating are both indications of drivers who pay no attention to the surrounding traffic. Safety authorities say good communication with other drivers forms the basis of safe driving. This includes the use of headlights, which not only helps the driver with navigation but also communicates his or her presence to others.

Victims of car accidents caused by drivers with any of these bad driving habits will have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief. Personal injury lawsuits in Alabama are based on negligence. However, seeking the support and guidance of an experienced attorney in this field of the law might be necessary to prove negligence. Legal counsel can also deal with ensuing legal proceedings and present the documented claims for monetary and emotional damages for the court’s adjudication.


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