3 young lives end in fiery crash

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Inexperience is one of the biggest impediments to safe driving for young people. Not fully understanding the capabilities and limitations of the vehicles they drive can cause them to make crucial mistakes that could lead to serious injury or death. A recent fiery crash that took the lives of three Alabama teenagers could serve as the latest example of this problem.

Troopers with the Alabama Highway Patrol responded to a crash on County Road 39 on a recent Sunday night. When they arrived, they found a vehicle that had burst into flames.

Preliminary reports indicate that as the vehicle crested a hill, the careened off the road and flew over a ditch coming to rest after slamming into a grove of trees. At that point, the vehicle caught fire. Sadly, police believe that speed played a role in this deadly crash, but it does not appear they have concluded the investigation yet. It is still possible that additional factors could have been at play.

The driver and his two passengers all perished as a result of the injuries they suffered in the crash. Reports indicate they were best friends. The driver had recently graduated from an Alabama high school, and the two passengers were still in high school at the time of their deaths.

While authorities continue to investigate, three families are forced to bury their loved ones, who were far too young to die. As would be the case for other families facing this type of situation, the families of the two passengers may exercise their right to file wrongful death claims in the wake of this fiery crash. If negligence is proved, they could receive awards of damages to help with the financial losses associated with the tragedy.


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