Who is liable for the truck accident that left you injured?

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Truck accidents often result in major property damage or serious injury for those in smaller vehicles. Semitrailers and commercial trucks are much heavier and larger than most other vehicles. Even a low-speed or minor truck accident can be devastating.

You may be experiencing the effects of this type of accident first-hand, including painful injuries, financial loss and other complications.

Your accident may be the result of the negligent or reckless actions of the trucker or trucking company. While you may be certain that your accident was not your fault, it can actually be quite complex to prove liability when seeking compensation through a civil claim. If you are going to seek financial recovery after your accident, it may help you understand the concept of liability.

Where to place the blame

Truck accidents are often the result of preventable actions, such as violating safety regulations or operating trucks with improperly loaded cargo. A trucker who has been driving too long may be dangerously fatigued. While there are laws in place to prevent drivers from driving too long, many do not adhere to them, which can significantly increase the chances of an accident.

It may help to understand the following about liability in truck accident cases:

  • The employer may be responsible and liable for an employee’s action on the clock who causes injury to others.
  • You may be able to prove liability by providing evidence the truck driver or the trucking company violated the law or industry safety standards.
  • You might be able to prove the trucking company is liable for what happened because of poor hiring standards, lack of training or failure to properly background check truckers.

After establishing liability and gathering the evidence necessary to prove another party is responsible for your accident, you can then work to determine the appropriate amount of damages you should seek in your claim.

Seeking rightful recovery

After a serious truck accident, there is a lot at stake for you. It is in your interest to pursue a rightful recovery with the assistance of an experienced attorney. A legal ally can evaluate your case and explain who is liable for your accident. He or she can also prepare a claim that gives you the best chance of success with your personal injury claim. The Alabama civil justice system is complex, but you do not have to navigate it alone.


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