The right approach to fighting a DUI

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A DUI conviction will have various impacts on multiple areas of your life. In addition to the criminal penalties you will face, you may also experience effects on your reputation, your career and much more. It is prudent to take a drunk driving charge in Alabama seriously, starting with identifying the most effective strategy by which you can defend your interests and freedom.

Developing the right defense strategy starts with a careful assessment of your individual case and your objectives. While it may not seem like it, a guilty plea or conviction is never your only option. Before you make a decision that could potentially impact your future, you may benefit from a full understanding of the defense options available to you.

Possible strategies you may use

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for building a strong DUI defense. The best defense strategy is the one custom-tailored to the details of your unique and specific case. There are a few commonly employed defense strategies, and one of these may be effective in your situation:

  • The grounds for the original traffic stop were improper, and all evidence from the stop is invalid.
  • The administration of the Breathalyzer was not done properly, possibly affecting the results.
  • There was a problem with the chain of custody after taking a blood sample for chemical testing.
  • Police had not regularly maintained or calibrated the Breathalyzer device before using it during the traffic stop.

Issues with the Breathalyzer device, violations of your constitutional rights, lack of a valid reason to pull you over and other issues could potentially invalidate the prosecution’s entire case against you. A careful assessment of what happened at every step of the traffic stop, arrest and interaction with law enforcement may reveal how you can defend your rights and long-term interests.

Your future

Even if it is your first offense, there is a lot on the line for you when facing DUI charges. It is in your best interests to take your case seriously and to begin working on your defense strategy as soon as possible after an arrest. You could be facing time behind bars, expensive fines, loss of future opportunities and more. The first step in preserving your interests is understanding the specific defense options that could be most effective for your situation.


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