Machete-wielding man facing criminal charges for kidnapping, more

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Police in Alabama recently arrested a man they say is connected to two different crimes. The man in question is facing several criminal charges, including first-degree kidnapping and first-degree burglary. In addition to his recent arrest, he reportedly also had several outstanding warrants.

Authorities were first made aware of a possible criminal situation when they received a phone call from a person who claimed to have been the victim of a burglary. The victim told police that a man holding a machete had broken into his or her home. The intruder allegedly fled after the victim confronted him.

Later that same day police received another call from someone who had supposedly been victimized by a man with a machete. The woman said that the 55-year-old man had forced her to transport him to a Dollar Tree, and once there he got out of her vehicle but left the machete behind. She told police that he had a bald head and was covered in blood, so when a report came in later of a bald man wandering around and bleeding from the head, they showed up to arrest him. Reportedly, he initially tried to flee on foot before he was apprehended.

Criminal charges in Alabama can have serious and long-lasting consequences. Criminal records can make it difficult for some people to find or maintain employment, and fines associated with certain criminal convictions can be difficult to pay. Minimizing these types of consequences is important for many defendants, which is why these individuals often choose to seek guidance from an experienced counsel before moving forward with their criminal defense.


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