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Is my child support order set in stone?

You went through the divorce process a while ago and have been making monthly support payments for your children ever since. You have been fine with this up until now, when your economic situation took a turn for the worse. Now you are wondering if your child support order is set in stone or if the state of Alabama allows you to change it if you need to.

Unmarried father seeking child custody equals definite court case

Like most Alabama parents, you want what is best for your child. When you became a father, your life changed in an instant, and you were amazed that someone so small could become your whole world. Although you expected there would be challenges throughout this new lifestyle called parenting, you may not have realized that your greatest challenge would lie in protecting your rights as a parent. At the time, you didn't think it was that big of a deal that you were not married to your child's mother.

Dangerous flood-damaged cars flood Alabama roadways

While the recent hurricanes and storms brought devastation to surrounding states, Alabama breathed a sigh of relief to have been spared. However, this is not always the case, and you have likely seen your share of heavy rains and rising waters. It is only a matter of time before Alabama faces its own crisis.

When pedestrianism goes from a healthy choice to a hazardous one

Car accidents occur every day, each of which has the potential to end in catastrophe, perhaps especially those involving pedestrians. Without the protective barriers that a vehicle may provide, pedestrians are often at higher risk of suffering serious injuries in collisions.

Accused of drunk driving? Focusing on your defense could be key

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can have a substantial impact on your life, even if only temporarily. If you are facing DUI charges, chances are, you might wish to avoid any potentially devastating consequences, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed.

Don't let a DUI ruin summer in Alabama

If you're a college student home on break, you're likely one of many who looked forward to kicking back and stepping away from the books all year. Alabama summers overflow with opportunities for having good times with friends and family. From sporting events and festivals to water recreation and more, there's plenty to do and much to see, especially for those who love the outdoors. It's not uncommon for summer picnics, parties and other special events to include alcoholic beverages.

When life throws a curve ball on your way to a baseball game

As an Alabama baseball parent, you understand how stressful it can be to get through a typical season and keep up with daily life responsibilities as well. Midway through the schedule, you likely feel stressed, perhaps even wondering how you'll survive. It seems impossible to continue juggling work, school, household chores, family life and baseball, but you ultimately decide it's worth it when you see the joy on your child's face as he or she steps onto the pitcher's mound or bats a triple.

What college students need to know about drinking and driving

Driving under the influence is a serious crime. In Alabama, DUIs are misdemeanors, but the consequences for even a first-time conviction are severe. You could face imprisonment, license suspension and fines. The court might even mandate substance or alcohol abuse treatment. Your insurance will probably increase. For adults over the age of 21, the blood alcohol content for a DUI is anything over 0.08 percent. 

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