When DUI Escalates To Felony Level

Drivers who have been convicted of multiple DUIs face increasingly serious charges. As the number of DUI convictions increase, so do the penalties. In Alabama, if you have been charged with your fourth DUI, you are facing felony charges.

At Dean & Barrett, we provide aggressive, intelligent felony DUI defense to individuals throughout Auburn, Opelika and the surrounding communities. We also help Auburn University students protect their rights, their records and their future opportunities.

Alabama Takes DUI Felonies Seriously

Alabama takes felony DUI charges seriously. Those convicted of felony DUI charges face mandatory prison sentences of one year and one day, fines in thousands of dollars and a five-year revocation of their driver’s license. Based on the circumstances surrounding your charge, judges may increase your prison term to 10 years.

At Dean & Barrett, we take felony DUI charges seriously. Our attorneys start preparing your defense the moment you walk through our door. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Were you legally pulled over? Was the stop conducted lawfully? Was the breath test administered correctly? If we find any indication that your constitutional rights were violated, we will fight to have your charges dropped.

For more than 40 years, the attorneys at Dean & Barrett have been providing effective, trusted counsel to individuals and families throughout Alabama.

Oftentimes, repeated DUI charges and other alcohol-related crimes are the result of underlying alcohol dependency issues.

At Dean & Barrett, our lawyers help clients find rehabilitation centers and counseling services to help them overcome their dependencies. This allows us to show the prosecution our clients are taking their charges seriously and making lifestyle changes to prevent additional charges from arising in the future.

Because we’ve taken proactive steps to help our clients resolve the root of the problem, we are often able to negotiate with the prosecution to have our clients’ charges reduced and obtain a more beneficial resolution.

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