Accused Of Disorderly Conduct Or Resisting Arrest?

For more than 40 years, the attorneys at Dean & Barrett have been providing the people of Auburn, Opelika and the surrounding communities with smart and effective defense against disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges. Our attorneys also represent students at Auburn University who are facing criminal charges.

Disorderly Conduct Defense For Auburn University Students

What begins as harmless horseplay can quickly escalate into behavior that results in criminal charges. In Alabama, an individual can be charged with disorderly conduct for fighting in public, making unreasonable noise, using abusive or obscene language, disturbing a lawful assembly, or obstructing traffic.

At Dean & Barrett, we help Auburn University college students defend against disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges. Many times, this behavior is related to alcohol consumption. In these criminal cases, we work with the prosecution to reduce charges, find alternative forms of restitution — such as alcohol awareness courses and community service — to keep our clients out of court and prevent a permanent mark on their criminal records.

There Are Serious Penalties For Disorderly Conduct

In Alabama, disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor charge. Individuals face hundreds of dollars worth of fines and possible jail time. In addition, a conviction will result in a permanent mark on your criminal record.

Individuals who attempt to avoid arrests by running, hiding or violent outbursts may be charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor. At Dean & Barrett, we help individuals defend against their resisting arrest charge. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we may argue your unwillingness to cooperate was due to the unlawful nature of the arrest or that violent acts were made in self-defense.

Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges often accompany additional criminal charges such as assault or public intoxication. At Dean & Barrett, our lawyers build strategic legal defenses that help you overcome your disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges as well as any underlying offenses.

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