Accused Of Public Intoxication?

What begins as harmless fun may — with the assistance of alcohol — quickly transform into disorderly behavior. In Alabama, it is a crime to be visibly drunk or under the influence of drugs in public.

If you were charged with public intoxication, you may be wondering how to defend yourself against this charge. At Dean & Barrett, our attorneys have been providing strong criminal defense representation to individuals throughout the Auburn-Opelika area for more than 40 years. We also help Auburn University students defend against their public intoxication charges and other alcohol-related crimes.

Auburn University Student Defense Attorneys

Oftentimes, it is college students who are charged with public intoxication. Because criminal violation convictions leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, they may limit your ability to find employment or gain entry into graduate school.

Don’t limit your life’s opportunities; contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys to fight the charge. At Dean & Barrett, we will attack your public intoxication charges and build a strong legal defense that provides you with the best chance of defeating your charges.

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People often make poor decisions when alcohol is involved. In Alabama, it is a crime to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in public and acting in a manner that endangers yourself, another or another’s property, or to act in an offensive or annoying manner.

Alabama classifies public intoxication as a violation. However, that does not mean these charges should be taken lightly. Public intoxication violations can carry up to 30 days in jail and $200 fine.

At Dean & Barrett, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine whether you were actually in a public or private place, whether your behavior did in fact violate the law and whether the arresting police officer acted appropriately while executing your arrest. Based on the evaluation, we will develop a strategic legal defense that helps clients obtain the best possible resolution of their public intoxication charges.

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